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  • So tell me. What is the plan ?

    So tell me. What is the plan ?

    Ok, here is the plan. It’s Monday morning and Ben was feeling just a little apprehensive with this first day of being officially ‘unemployed.’ Now I don’t know about but first thing in the morning tea needs to make an appearance before I’m ready to go. My colleague was no different, we chatted and I [&hellip...

  • it’s the pot of gold!

    Jul 12, 15 • Weekly BusinessComments Off on it’s the pot of gold!
    it’s the pot of gold!

    What do you get reading about elite performers … about their drive, their discipline? It’s different feelings for each of us as we hear how others set out to achieve ‘best in their field’ status – learning more about themselves as they work at reaching those goals. It’s great to hear of their dedication, their [&hellip...

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