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  • Community network

    Community network

    Community-focused networking has lots of benefits, some are immediately evident, others need clarification and I was witness to this just recently as around twenty met over ‘brunch.’ Our guest was Michael, with a lot of domestic responsibility, being the ‘office at home’ and supporting two young kids. He loved the idea of opportunity through engagement, [&hellip...

  • The human experience

    The human experience

    I’ve been around a while, discovered some success and I’m blessed to have been working with some wonderfully talented people, the human kind! Over time I’ve also discovered that success is powered by three fundamentals. Your know-how, your reputation and your network of contacts. Sounds simple don’t you think? Isn’t that how it should be [&hellip...

  • Clarity, commitment, trust

    Clarity, commitment, trust

    The lid of the laptop came down. ‘Snapchat’ terminated … ‘Ok, so I get it, I need to be seen to be considered ‘worthy,’ is that it? Well, yes you could be right there Ben, it’s the ‘people buy from people’ thing, when people make those significant buying decisions they want clarity when they up with the [&hellip...

  • Significant salesman

    Mar 2, 17 • UncategorizedNo Comments
    Significant salesman

    Ben and I are coming to the end of our first month together, working through his business ‘ideal’ to establish where he’d like to take his life experience. The family business of Cordwainer has been sold and with Ben not wishing to be part of the new ‘set up’ we’re on a path of discovery. [&hellip...

  • Choose your destiny

    Feb 8, 17 • business, people, vision2 Comments
    Choose your destiny

    A friend of mine, Ben is mulling over his destiny. Being been part of his family business of UK shoe manufacture for over fifteen years, Ben is still a young man (31.) His parents are retiring from the business and Ben finds himself responsible for eight staff, a small though profitable firm and a faithful client pool … A fantastic ‘opportunity’  for any aspiring [&hellip...

  • Trust the bun!

    Trust the bun!

    I was mulling over my schedule. It was 6am and I’d already jumped in the car for the first meeting of the day, a rendezvous with business colleagues and guests. There are times when I do doubt the trust I have my intentions. ‘What’s it about?’ I ask myself. It can be tough working from home [&hellip...

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