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  • More time, less trauma

    More time, less trauma

    Most in business understand that investing time in reaching out to new customers is key to growing the business and certainly contributes to our own personal development. Some though, find that engagement through networking can be stressful, traumatic and in some cases, less than profitable. So we shall keep it simple. Let’s take the stress out of PTSD. [&hellip...

  • Time Tells

    Time Tells

    It was one of those clear, crisp Autumn mornings … so wife, father-in-law (George) and I took some time to walk down through the gardens to the church yard. We crossed the old ‘falling-down’ bridge and up, through the gates leading to our destination. We were here just last month. George had wanted to show us [&hellip...

  • Take time for coffee

    Sep 12, 15 • Weekly BusinessComments Off on Take time for coffee
    Take time for coffee

    Breakfast was over, I had grabbed a coffee and was about to head toward the office when the ‘phone rang. Now the other hand was busy. On the other end of the line was Tricia. Tricia had recently started a physiotherapy business and returned from holiday with what is recognised as a seasonal ‘gripe’ – although perhaps [&hellip...

  • From lead … to referral

    Aug 26, 15 • Networking TipsComments Off on From lead … to referral
    From lead … to referral

    We’ve been there before haven’t we? You know, those situations when you say to yourself … “I should really do that now or I’ll never get it done…” My dear ‘other half ‘ reminisces daily (Sue would argue this, naturally.) What Sue had forgotten today Sue was adding it to the mental list for tomorrow. [&hellip...

  • Driven by what’s new?

    May 26, 15 • Weekly BusinessComments Off on Driven by what’s new?
    Driven by what’s new?

    Driven. Or being driven? So what’s new? We all have that sinking feeling at times. Especially for us self employed, the multi-tasking ‘all things mastered’ professional of today. Depends on how long you’ve been in business of course although with more easy access outlets for contribution and participation – the easy way to grow the [&hellip...

  • Team, time and Biz.

    Nov 30, 14 • Networking TipsNo Comments
    Team, time and Biz.

    Like many I look forward to time supporting my favourite team at the weekend – especially when the result goes ‘our’ way. I likened the team sport and networking to a young friend named Darren the other morning when he asked, “what should my expectancy for results realistically be.” Enthusiasm is a fabulous asset, we [&hellip...

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