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  • Why pay me?

    Oct 15, 17 • business, people, visionNo Comments
    Why pay me?

    “Hey, I can do better than that, why should I pay you? ‘Why do I pay you, when I know I could produce the same, just as well, if not even better than you?’” Friends, do you ever have one of ‘those’ days where everyone seems to be the expert with a particular opinion? … [&hellip...

  • Significant salesman

    Mar 2, 17 • UncategorizedNo Comments
    Significant salesman

    Ben and I are coming to the end of our first month together, working through his business ‘ideal’ to establish where he’d like to take his life experience. The family business of Cordwainer has been sold and with Ben not wishing to be part of the new ‘set up’ we’re on a path of discovery. [&hellip...

  • Meerkat vs Coyote?

    Meerkat vs Coyote?

    I put the telephone down from Hans, a network chum I’d not spoken with him for a while. It was a rewarding conversation – one of those times you pick up just where you left off as if it were yesterday. A sign of real friendship don’t you think? Hans called to tell me of [&hellip...

  • The Journey, not the goal.

    May 12, 15 • Networking TipsComments Off on The Journey, not the goal.
    The Journey, not the goal.

    I took a pit-stop for a really good coffee and cinnamon bun (couldn’t resist) with a friend yesterday, we were comparing notes, putting the world to rights and generally catching up with business. Gerry said he’d become disillusioned with the current network forum he was attending. Seems the weekly meeting, consisting of a half hour [&hellip...

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