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  • Let’s refer you

    Let’s refer you

    ‘Good timing.’ I uttered as mince pies arrived, along with Stephen, our guest for the morning. Stephen is a likeable fellow, he’d been recently made redundant from a local research firm when he called to attend our meeting. We were about to hear his plan for the business going forward, how might we refer Stephen. [&hellip...

  • I understand now

    I understand now

    Ever wondered … I understand now, I know what he’s thinking? How often have you thought to yourself … I know, just by looking into their eyes, what he or she is thinking, by simply observing body language. Have you ever said to yourself:  ‘I wish I had the words?’ Only to find out that [&hellip...

  • Who would you refer ?

    Who would you refer ?

    Would you refer me?  It makes all the difference. I like the fact that among my network colleagues there are those who are prepared to go the extra mile. It makes me feel very lucky and grateful for the resource we have. Not only does it qualify who I could refer but I learn to understand that [&hellip...

  • Follow in the customer footsteps

    Oct 6, 16 • Networking Tips, people, Weekly BusinessComments Off on Follow in the customer footsteps
    Follow in the customer footsteps

    It wasn’t a planned stay, we happened to react to an invitation – perhaps because we were at the right place/right time, we were available. Our hosts here in Broome were planning on a 4500km road trip next morning to Brisbane and were looking for a house-sitter: “Here you go Charlie, take the keys. Look after [&hellip...

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