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  • passion desire and the trust

    Aug 13, 16 • people, Weekly BusinessComments Off on passion desire and the trust
    passion desire and the trust

    You know it, passion beats desire any time. Combine desire with passion though? Now that’s special. To my mind the greatest attribute anyone an demonstrate is passion, in business or otherwise. In business the lack of passion means results are a slow burn, your credibility also. Have you ever thought why the larger organisations put [&hellip...

  • like to be liked – it’s the ‘like’ factor!

    Oct 7, 15 • Networking TipsComments Off on like to be liked – it’s the ‘like’ factor!
    like to be liked – it’s the ‘like’ factor!

    I’ve never found myself entirely comfortable when presenting to a room full of faces. Happy, smiley or otherwise. Group presentations in my line of business are commonplace and more often than not I surprise myself by enjoying the experience. By enjoying I mean I find myself ‘in the zone’ and the message is invariably safely [&hellip...

  • Team, time and Biz.

    Nov 30, 14 • Networking TipsNo Comments
    Team, time and Biz.

    Like many I look forward to time supporting my favourite team at the weekend – especially when the result goes ‘our’ way. I likened the team sport and networking to a young friend named Darren the other morning when he asked, “what should my expectancy for results realistically be.” Enthusiasm is a fabulous asset, we [&hellip...

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