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  • Choose your destiny

    Feb 8, 17 • business, people, vision2 Comments
    Choose your destiny

    A friend of mine, Ben is mulling over his destiny. Being been part of his family business of UK shoe manufacture for over fifteen years, Ben is still a young man (31.) His parents are retiring from the business and Ben finds himself responsible for eight staff, a small though profitable firm and a faithful client pool … A fantastic ‘opportunity’  for any aspiring [&hellip...

  • The Journey, not the goal.

    May 12, 15 • Networking TipsComments Off on The Journey, not the goal.
    The Journey, not the goal.

    I took a pit-stop for a really good coffee and cinnamon bun (couldn’t resist) with a friend yesterday, we were comparing notes, putting the world to rights and generally catching up with business. Gerry said he’d become disillusioned with the current network forum he was attending. Seems the weekly meeting, consisting of a half hour [&hellip...

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