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  • So tell me. What is the plan ?

    So tell me. What is the plan ?

    Ok, here is the plan. It’s Monday morning and Ben was feeling just a little apprehensive with this first day of being officially ‘unemployed.’ Now I don’t know about but first thing in the morning tea needs to make an appearance before I’m ready to go. My colleague was no different, we chatted and I [&hellip...

  • Vision through friends

    Vision through friends

    The coffee was cold, cake a memory and with friends calling I prepared to leave the office when the mobile sprang to life … with text: ‘Just sent you an email, come back to me!’ The number was familiar although ‘nothing current.’ Being curious, I did of course proceed as instructed and checked ‘mail’ anyway. Hey [&hellip...

  • Trust the bun!

    Trust the bun!

    I was mulling over my schedule. It was 6am and I’d already jumped in the car for the first meeting of the day, a rendezvous with business colleagues and guests. There are times when I do doubt the trust I have my intentions. ‘What’s it about?’ I ask myself. It can be tough working from home [&hellip...

  • OK, circle or square?

    OK, circle or square?

    ‘So, who’s happy?’ ‘I feel I’m heading in a circle alright,’ came the shout from the back of the room. ‘Great’ I said. ‘I don’t feel as if I’m achieving though, I feel I’m doing all the right things, for very little reward.’ ‘Widen the circle perhaps, maybe you’ve become stuck in a corner?’ I replied. [&hellip...

  • Referral tip No 6

    Apr 7, 16 • Networking TipsComments Off on Referral tip No 6
    Referral tip No 6

    Some really missed the point when we discussed the ‘being helpful’ post just recently … they missed the referral pointer, or maybe it was just my way of  ‘engagement’ that may have confounded the issue?   The issue of being really helpful …   So a friend or colleague have a need?   To me [&hellip...

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