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  • the referral bad apple

    the referral bad apple

    The bad apple. When it comes to referral some of us are our own worst enemies, don’t you think? I’m writing in business context here, my young friend Ben had told me about a referral that sounded promising. Naturally Ben was upbeat about the connection and as is good practice, he followed up right away. It [&hellip...

  • My best friend

    Aug 16, 15 • Weekly BusinessComments Off on My best friend
    My best friend

    “I’ve had enough.” Many times I’d heard this from Alice and never really listened … now I couldn’t help but notice, as she uttered the words, the decibels were definitely a notch or two up on ‘the norm’ and I noticed also, she didn’t look particularly happy. ‘It’s too hard, they’re not listening to me, [&hellip...

  • Moving as fast as I can.

    Mar 10, 15 • Networking TipsComments Off on Moving as fast as I can.
    Moving as fast as I can.

    When we become unconcerned by things that should concern us, pleased with ourselves even though we don’t seem to be moving or growing, we accept things as they are, content with the status quo, and prohibit ourselves from taking new actions. This is the stage where “we are standing still”, but If we are not moving [&hellip...

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