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  • share the wear

    Jul 22, 17 • business, goal, people, visionNo Comments
    share the wear

    ‘Charlie, I need to change suppliers, these have let me down yet again – why can’t they get it right …’ Delivery problem Ben? ‘I need to change ’em Charlie, they don’t share the vision.’ Hey, let’s not alienate ourselves from colleagues, our team, that’s not what successful leadership is about … who is it [&hellip...

  • Know the vision of future business?

    Know the vision of future business?

    Bear with me now … Do you know where your business is heading and what it shall look like when you eventually ‘get there?’ “What? Of course.” I hear you say. “That’s a natural!” Comes another … I know the evangelists profess the ‘only’ way to achieve is to keep that picture of the ultimate ‘me [&hellip...

  • Bonsai or Business?

    Jul 24, 15 • Networking TipsComments Off on Bonsai or Business?
    Bonsai or Business?

      I’m into Bonsai just now, it’s easier on the bones than digging the borders and I like the idea that once the initial planting is done we now ‘just’ need to give it time, some TLC over time. With the holiday season bringing more time for most there is a certain reflective period that [&hellip...

  • Know the difference?

    Know the difference?

    To my mind, business is about recognising the fundamentals then creating a routine of basic processes. Talking with Ian recently (someone who has ‘in the business for a bit’) I asked him … “How they were doing with the fundamental? “I know all that stuff.” Came the reply. I “know” all that. Know. Not do… [&hellip...

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