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  • Vision through friends

    Vision through friends

    The coffee was cold, cake a memory and with friends calling I prepared to leave the office when the mobile sprang to life … with text: ‘Just sent you an email, come back to me!’ The number was familiar although ‘nothing current.’ Being curious, I did of course proceed as instructed and checked ‘mail’ anyway. Hey [&hellip...

  • OK, circle or square?

    OK, circle or square?

    ‘So, who’s happy?’ ‘I feel I’m heading in a circle alright,’ came the shout from the back of the room. ‘Great’ I said. ‘I don’t feel as if I’m achieving though, I feel I’m doing all the right things, for very little reward.’ ‘Widen the circle perhaps, maybe you’ve become stuck in a corner?’ I replied. [&hellip...

  • Time Tells

    Time Tells

    It was one of those clear, crisp Autumn mornings … so wife, father-in-law (George) and I took some time to walk down through the gardens to the church yard. We crossed the old ‘falling-down’ bridge and up, through the gates leading to our destination. We were here just last month. George had wanted to show us [&hellip...

  • Faith beats the monkey!

    Jan 27, 16 • Networking Tips, peopleComments Off on Faith beats the monkey!
    Faith beats the monkey!

    Teri disappeared into the night toward her car and as I closed the door behind her I realised that the business I’m in is set up around a really simple idea… so simple I thought. I’m in business to help others become more successful. When these people become more successful as a result of something [&hellip...

  • People, funny?

    Oct 21, 15 • people, UncategorizedComments Off on People, funny?
    People, funny?

    “People are funny.” I quote this phrase regularly during conversation, even to myself although it’s most often when I’m indulging with friends over a ‘sticky bun’ and a decent coffee. I find to engage with like-minded souls is always good for the morale. After all, people are just like me, they’re much like you – [&hellip...

  • Bonsai or Business?

    Jul 24, 15 • Networking TipsComments Off on Bonsai or Business?
    Bonsai or Business?

      I’m into Bonsai just now, it’s easier on the bones than digging the borders and I like the idea that once the initial planting is done we now ‘just’ need to give it time, some TLC over time. With the holiday season bringing more time for most there is a certain reflective period that [&hellip...

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