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  • I understand now

    I understand now

    Ever wondered … I understand now, I know what he’s thinking? How often have you thought to yourself … I know, just by looking into their eyes, what he or she is thinking, by simply observing body language. Have you ever said to yourself:  ‘I wish I had the words?’ Only to find out that [&hellip...

  • Memory hook?

    Jul 9, 16 • UncategorizedComments Off on Memory hook?
    Memory hook?

    Whether you realise it or not, you already know a lot about memory hooks. You’ve been using them consciously or unconsciously since you were small: For instance: When you were in primary school, what was your best friends nickname? Where were you when “Thriller” was being played? Who you think of whenever you hear someone [&hellip...

  • Lessons from The Bridge

    Feb 17, 16 • peopleComments Off on Lessons from The Bridge
    Lessons from The Bridge

    Lessons. It was ‘after hours’ and (unlike me) I found myself on my way to a pre-arranged meet with friends and colleagues at London House Of Lords (!) … ‘come along’ they said, ‘it may be worthwhile simply to take a look at the place.’ As I alighted at the station and made my way, [&hellip...

  • The Path. Engage, develop, grow

    The Path. Engage, develop, grow

        For a good while now I’ve stuck to my three-word principle. It’s a mind reference, something that keeps me on track, upon the path with where I want to get to and what I need to do to be there. Each word is a pointer, representing the path I need to take in [&hellip...

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