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  • Choose your destiny

    Feb 8, 17 • business, people, vision2 Comments
    Choose your destiny

    A friend of mine, Ben is mulling over his destiny. Being been part of his family business of UK shoe manufacture for over fifteen years, Ben is still a young man (31.) His parents are retiring from the business and Ben finds himself responsible for eight staff, a small though profitable firm and a faithful client pool … A fantastic ‘opportunity’  for any aspiring [&hellip...

  • passion desire and the trust

    Aug 13, 16 • people, Weekly BusinessComments Off on passion desire and the trust
    passion desire and the trust

    You know it, passion beats desire any time. Combine desire with passion though? Now that’s special. To my mind the greatest attribute anyone an demonstrate is passion, in business or otherwise. In business the lack of passion means results are a slow burn, your credibility also. Have you ever thought why the larger organisations put [&hellip...

  • Driven by what’s new?

    May 26, 15 • Weekly BusinessComments Off on Driven by what’s new?
    Driven by what’s new?

    Driven. Or being driven? So what’s new? We all have that sinking feeling at times. Especially for us self employed, the multi-tasking ‘all things mastered’ professional of today. Depends on how long you’ve been in business of course although with more easy access outlets for contribution and participation – the easy way to grow the [&hellip...

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