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  • Innovation


    In my business, I get plenty of questions. Most of the time these focus on the difference innovation may bring and how they can increase the level of business. It’s something I ask myself on a daily basis. How about you? If we’re not ‘on top of our game’ it’s very easy to find that [&hellip...

  • Assume. You could be right

    Assume. You could be right

    A quarter of the year almost gone and micro-business Dave was asking me what he had to do to gain more clients. Here’s a starter check-list for you Dave, I suggested … Have you approached prospects with your offer? ‘Offer?’ Came the reply. ‘I’ve a website Charlie and I’ve made sure I’ve covered my social [&hellip...

  • Clarity, commitment, trust

    Clarity, commitment, trust

    The lid of the laptop came down. ‘Snapchat’ terminated … ‘Ok, so I get it, I need to be seen to be considered ‘worthy,’ is that it? Well, yes you could be right there Ben, it’s the ‘people buy from people’ thing, when people make those significant buying decisions they want clarity when they up with the [&hellip...

  • Follow in the customer footsteps

    Oct 6, 16 • Networking Tips, people, Weekly BusinessComments Off on Follow in the customer footsteps
    Follow in the customer footsteps

    It wasn’t a planned stay, we happened to react to an invitation – perhaps because we were at the right place/right time, we were available. Our hosts here in Broome were planning on a 4500km road trip next morning to Brisbane and were looking for a house-sitter: “Here you go Charlie, take the keys. Look after [&hellip...

  • More pre-sales with the espresso?

    Jun 25, 15 • Weekly BusinessComments Off on More pre-sales with the espresso?
    More pre-sales with the espresso?

    Deirdre and I were enjoying our ‘one to one’ over a great espresso – right after our network Forum when suddenly she came out with a statement that took me back a little … “I really do need to start getting some orders out of the group soon; I need to make it pay.” I [&hellip...

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