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  • Clarity, commitment, trust

    Clarity, commitment, trust

    The lid of the laptop came down. ‘Snapchat’ terminated … ‘Ok, so I get it, I need to be seen to be considered ‘worthy,’ is that it? Well, yes you could be right there Ben, it’s the ‘people buy from people’ thing, when people make those significant buying decisions they want clarity when they up with the [&hellip...

  • Clarity, priority and tea.

    Jun 16, 16 • Weekly BusinessComments Off on Clarity, priority and tea.
    Clarity, priority and tea.

    I took a step to my left as priority Gladys bowled past me, a steaming cup of coffee in one hand. ‘Like one?’ she asked. ‘Thanks, tea please.’ I uttered ‘Best get it yourself then, I’m just too busy.’ came the reply. I’d seen this before. Gladys had just been handed an ‘urgent’ which prompted [&hellip...

  • Goal. Compass due North?

    May 12, 16 • Weekly BusinessComments Off on Goal. Compass due North?
    Goal. Compass due North?

    It can be tough at the top … just ask any owner/manager. During the busy times there are simply not enough hours in the day, we’re pretty much stretched just coping, ‘making hay’ when we’re busy and when those quieter times arrive? We take the opportunity to ‘kick back’ don’t we? We embrace the ‘down [&hellip...

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