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  • time for change

    time for change

    Just ask Hilary. The time was right for change. With the spotlight on choices by the people and some monumental personal decisions on both sides of ‘the pond’ this year, change was never so blindingly obvious:            “I’ve learned that people forget what you said,                 [&hellip...

  • Change, move out of your way.

    Jun 8, 16 • Weekly BusinessComments Off on Change, move out of your way.
    Change, move out of your way.

    Is the glass half empty or half full? Are you a positive influence or one of negativity? Do you sugarcoat things or get straight to the point? Much has been said about the best way of approaching business development or implementation of change, it can be stressful for many. Each of us have our goals [&hellip...

  • focus for profit

    Jan 2, 16 • Weekly BusinessComments Off on focus for profit
    focus for profit

    With the turn of the year most of us have our business expectations come into focus when we reflect on what has gone before … usually for me it’s when I’m putting together a fresh pot of tea, sitting down with friends and having a chat … what about you? We have a plan (of course [&hellip...

  • My best friend

    Aug 16, 15 • Weekly BusinessComments Off on My best friend
    My best friend

    “I’ve had enough.” Many times I’d heard this from Alice and never really listened … now I couldn’t help but notice, as she uttered the words, the decibels were definitely a notch or two up on ‘the norm’ and I noticed also, she didn’t look particularly happy. ‘It’s too hard, they’re not listening to me, [&hellip...

  • it’s the pot of gold!

    Jul 12, 15 • Weekly BusinessComments Off on it’s the pot of gold!
    it’s the pot of gold!

    What do you get reading about elite performers … about their drive, their discipline? It’s different feelings for each of us as we hear how others set out to achieve ‘best in their field’ status – learning more about themselves as they work at reaching those goals. It’s great to hear of their dedication, their [&hellip...

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