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  • Networking and bigger cake

    Networking and bigger cake

    Today is about cake. I’d no sooner swallowed the first bite of my (very generously) iced doughnut when my table partner immediately went on the offensive… I don’t know why you bother with these meetings Charlie, I mean, come on, you can’t be making the big bucks? I’d known David a few months now, he [&hellip...

  • Invest in you

    Invest in you

      So how much time do you think I should invest in sales per week? Ben asked as he passed the coffee, although I noticed the cake wasn’t going anywhere. Sales are the by-product of good relationships, Ben. Your growth depends on you, therefore you should constantly invest in relationships. But I’ve so many other ‘things’ [&hellip...

  • Trust the bun!

    Trust the bun!

    I was mulling over my schedule. It was 6am and I’d already jumped in the car for the first meeting of the day, a rendezvous with business colleagues and guests. There are times when I do doubt the trust I have my intentions. ‘What’s it about?’ I ask myself. It can be tough working from home [&hellip...

  • Choose reliable

    May 24, 16 • business, Networking Tips, people, visionComments Off on Choose reliable
    Choose reliable

    ‘I cannot be with you this week – can we rearrange something?’ It’s little wonder some people never achieve, they’re ok when it’s a sit down for coffee or cake, but when it comes to following up in business? The trouble is, the above kind of postponement has exactly the same effect on our own [&hellip...

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