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Choose your destiny

Feb 8, 17 • business, people, vision2 CommentsRead More »

A friend of mine, Ben is mulling over his destiny.

Being been part of his family business of UK shoe manufacture for over fifteen years, Ben is still a young man (31.) His parents are retiring from the business and Ben finds himself responsible for eight staff, a small though profitable firm and a faithful client pool …

A fantastic ‘opportunity’  for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Ben has other ideas. Among the first words he said to me when we met were something like this:

“Charlie, it’s like this, the company look after the order book. Destiny calls and I wish to look after my career.”

It seems Ben has no plans to be part of the ‘family business’ any longer. Destiny calls and he is now looking at options in ‘pursuit of his own destiny.’

‘I know nothing of running a business Charlie. Sales, customer service, staffing and accounts – these  are things I have no interest in and I wish to move on  …’

Direction? I thought to myself. Passion?

Over the next few months I’ll be taking Ben through the exercise of forward planning and together we’ll be documenting his path to fulfilment and choice of destiny. Literally.

We’ll be producing the manuscript of Ben’s journey. Each ‘episode’ in black and white with a splash of colour here and there for good measure.

I like Ben, he trusts me and I believe it should be a fascinating journey. So I’ll keep you ‘posted.’

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  1. Hi there. Many thanks 🙂 Really enjoyed reading this page.

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