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Chris Forrester, coach @ The Mind Zone

Inspiring Solutions For Life

  • Leadership Coaching …. For Increased Success
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy …For Inspired Thinking
  • Stress Management ……. For Well-Being & Balance

Chris Forrester Clinical Hypnotherapy Coach

As a qualified & experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist & professional Leadership Coach, Chris Forrester has made it her mission to support clients in achieving the balance & purpose in their lives that we all desperately seek. Life can take many unexpected turns & throw stressful challenges our way so Chris provides confidential, personalised consultations that give you the head space to tackle the issues that matters most you.

What Stops You Sleeping, Relaxing or Just Being You?

Whatever is playing on your mind, that’s what we work on to identify life changing solutions that are right for you. We will tackle life’s curve balls together – redundancy, relationship & family issues, retirement or other major life challenges. Or you may simply want to tackle long held fears, phobias, compulsions or issues that compromise your health & well-being such as weight management, anxiety or smoking.

Want to get family life back on track? Even stressed out children & teens benefit from coaching & hypnotherapy support, using their new found confidence to really enjoy life again – school, friendships, hobbies, fun!

Chris uses her coaching expertise to help you plan for success, inspiring innovative thinking, building resilience & supporting you to achieve long held ambitions in making changes personally, professionally, at home, with family, in your workplace, business or community.

Whether you want to feel confident facing the day or in taking on the world, Chris’s goal is to utilise the benefits of coaching, hypnotherapy & her expertise in other change management techniques for anyone who wants to live life boldly ….. happily ….. is committed to creating an amazing future & has a strong desire to achieve long lasting positive changes.

Go on …. dare to think, dream big …… take action …… life is so exciting!

Contact Chris today & let’s get started!


Contact Info:

Chris Forrester Clinical Hypnotherapy Coach

Linkedin: Chris Forrester
Tel. 01670 787932 / 07788 669 628

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