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A selection of direct external web links may be found below.


If you feel you have content on your site that is valuable to another in terms information or advice then why not get in touch with the individual and encourage them to “swap links” between their home page and your own? Or perhaps arrange to set up a ‘pointer’ between sites.

If you genuinely have content you would like to share with another ‘like minded’ business perhaps, “click” the highlighted name/link below and ask:


‘Would you like to share content?’


Connect with  Charlie Kenny  for Personal Publicity …


Mike Walsh for Websites.

Avril Scott for Marketing.

Bobbie Brown for Accountancy.

Chris Forrester for the Mind Zone

Dave Foote for Bespoke Furniture

Lorna Watkinson for Pottery Painting.

Jacqueline Brewster for Aloe Vera products

Sara Eke for Recruitment

Steve Cann for Independent Financial Advice

Gareth Shackleton for Action Coaching


NOTE:  Please refrain from over exuberance and becoming what has been termed, a ‘link farm.’ Selective linking is beneficial to you and your preferred content partners although with an abundant collection of links present on your site, this invariably does more harm than good and you may be penalised by search engines.

It’s better to ‘think seasonally’ and refresh your linking partners during the course of the year – it drives you to web updates which in turn drives more desirable ‘strategic’ traffic your way.



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