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GO! Publicity.me

Go Publicity logoOur business of publishing and publicity promotions started some thirty years ago although more recently we began to specialise in helping like-minded businesses find customers through smart, strategic promotions enabling them to take that next ‘big step forward.’

Typically clients come to us from a diversity of industries, some are already established and ‘doing well’ while some are just starting out or changing life focus and direction. Some are looking for training and support, others for help with a book!

The company is GO! Publicity.me, where we understand the many obstacles that may just hinder those decisions in moving forward. We have after all, experienced most obstacles! Putting those ‘wins’ on the board either via  social media, networking, print advertising, web sites and the press liaison can all be pretty daunting, especially when were ‘wrapped up in the business’!

We understand that many business owners are very operations-focused and do not always have the time, people or skills themselves to create and implement any kind of sales or promotions strategy. We provide the time and skills for you to implement growth.

When working with us a world of diversity and prodigious experience becomes available from business people with experience emanating many different backgrounds, those who fully understand what it means to run a small business or launch a product.

So don’t wait until tomorrow, find out where you can be … today!

There is more business lost through indecision than making bad decisions …

Charlie KennyThe first consultation is free and if we cannot help, we shall say so.

Telephone: 01665 577084
Mobile: 07804 038570
Email: charliekenny@live.co.uk
Web: charliekenny.me

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