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Darcy Connections. China ~ UK Business

darcy connections Darcy Connections, in Chinese “da xi” meaning “arrive to the West”, helps China and U.K. companies who may be looking to build relations with like-minded organisations in each country. We can help with finding the right commercial match, as well as providing support including translation, negotiation intermediary, and arranging travel. Darcy Connections assists China and U.K. companies in finding each other. Whether looking for importers, exporters, manufacturers, retailers, representatives, or any other partner, Darcy Connections can help.

We act on your behalf to identify and meet companies, talking in depth with them to assess their level of interest and likelihood of a successful match for you.

In addition, we can facilitate preliminary talks between parties so they have a good understanding of each other before any long-distance travel is incurred. When parties want to meet, we can provide help with arranging travel, accommodation, visas, and meetings, as well as introducing relevant trade organisations, lawyers, accountants, and government departments. Darcy Connections is a British firm, registered with HMRC and based in the north-east of England. Darcy’s manager, Xiaofang (Jasmine) Peng, is a native of Wuhan and now resident within the United Kingdom. She and her associates can act on your behalf to facilitate your international business.

jasmineFor further information or if you have any enquiries, please email or call to speak with Xiaofang (Jasmine) Peng
+44 (0)1665 510692

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