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Archive for August, 2017

  • the referral bad apple

    the referral bad apple

    The bad apple. When it comes to referral some of us are our own worst enemies, don’t you think? I’m writing in business context here, my young friend Ben had told me about a referral that sounded promising. Naturally Ben was upbeat about the connection and as is good practice, he followed up right away. It [&hellip...

  • More time, less trauma

    More time, less trauma

    Most in business understand that investing time in reaching out to new customers is key to growing the business and certainly contributes to our own personal development. Some though, find that engagement through networking can be stressful, traumatic and in some cases, less than profitable. So we shall keep it simple. Let’s take the stress out of PTSD. [&hellip...

  • Invest in you

    Invest in you

      So how much time do you think I should invest in sales per week? Ben asked as he passed the coffee, although I noticed the cake wasn’t going anywhere. Sales are the by-product of good relationships, Ben. Your growth depends on you, therefore you should constantly invest in relationships. But I’ve so many other ‘things’ [&hellip...

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