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  • Talk about it

    Talk about it

    Talk about others. It’s great for business. Referrals are something we all aspire to, some of us go out of our way to cultivate the new business by doing all the ‘stuff’ we’re told by the gurus, those abundant soothsayers and community influencers. So what happens when you do all that which you’re supposed to [&hellip...

  • You. Individual

    You. Individual

    It’s been 12 weeks since Ben asked me to help with his individual ‘offer.’ He has worked hard in the transition from back-room support act to become Managing Director of the family firm, the organisation that had earned his mum and dad a reputable business, a healthy clientele and a good living. We had just [&hellip...

  • He’s no one hit wonder

    He’s no one hit wonder

      Ben, it’s great to hear you enjoyed the holiday. “Thanks, Charlie, I did enjoy the time away from the factory, I took the opportunity to do a lot of thinking …” Holidays are good for thinking Ben, have another biscuit with the tea … what do we need to discuss? “Ok, I’m thinking of [&hellip...

  • Being you, get naked

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    Being you, get naked

    ‘We become part of the company that we keep, that’s for sure.’ I was having a conversation with a friend as we walked the local beach the other day (no, we were not naked!) Brendon was up for the holiday and we were reminiscing somewhat. The dogs were doing their ‘doggy thing’ and the wind [&hellip...

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