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Archive for April, 2017

  • The human experience

    The human experience

    I’ve been around a while, discovered some success and I’m blessed to have been working with some wonderfully talented people, the human kind! Over time I’ve also discovered that success is powered by three fundamentals. Your know-how, your reputation and your network of contacts. Sounds simple don’t you think? Isn’t that how it should be [&hellip...

  • Doubt your happiness ?

    Doubt your happiness ?

    ‘Thanks Charlie, I’m back in a fortnight, without the doubt I promise, and we can follow up then, ok by you?’ Ben was away for a well-deserved holiday. Together we’ve put in place a short-term strategy for success, something Ben is more than capable of achieving if only he could lose his doubt. Stepping out [&hellip...

  • Remarkable, the extraordinary

    Remarkable, the extraordinary

    Surrounding ourselves with extraordinary friends, those of like minds, not only makes us feel good, it simply helps to get the job done, don’t you think? I’m in the business of connecting people and although I’m more than comfortable having a room full of people – who perhaps don’t quite yet share my conviction of [&hellip...

  • Ready for harvest

    Ready for harvest

    ‘Busy connecting, ready for harvest, that’s me Charlie, we’re looking good.’ Ben and I were discussing his latest steps toward independence from business with mum and dad and now the conversation has moved to the new-found sales network. With finance and the accountant now in place, Ben was happy to visualise how he could move forward [&hellip...

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