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  • Who would you refer ?

    Who would you refer ?

    Would you refer me?  It makes all the difference. I like the fact that among my network colleagues there are those who are prepared to go the extra mile. It makes me feel very lucky and grateful for the resource we have. Not only does it qualify who I could refer but I learn to understand that [&hellip...

  • Assume. You could be right

    Assume. You could be right

    A quarter of the year almost gone and micro-business Dave was asking me what he had to do to gain more clients. Here’s a starter check-list for you Dave, I suggested … Have you approached prospects with your offer? ‘Offer?’ Came the reply. ‘I’ve a website Charlie and I’ve made sure I’ve covered my social [&hellip...

  • Clarity, commitment, trust

    Clarity, commitment, trust

    The lid of the laptop came down. ‘Snapchat’ terminated … ‘Ok, so I get it, I need to be seen to be considered ‘worthy,’ is that it? Well, yes you could be right there Ben, it’s the ‘people buy from people’ thing, when people make those significant buying decisions they want clarity when they up with the [&hellip...

  • Significant salesman

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    Significant salesman

    Ben and I are coming to the end of our first month together, working through his business ‘ideal’ to establish where he’d like to take his life experience. The family business of Cordwainer has been sold and with Ben not wishing to be part of the new ‘set up’ we’re on a path of discovery. [&hellip...

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