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Archive for February, 2017

  • Commitment. Entrepreneur In or out?

    Commitment. Entrepreneur In or out?

    Those in the Network see it almost daily. Some have it and some do not. Building the business is not simply about ‘showing up,’ it’s more about being there to set course and follow through to destination. Commitment. There is no middle road for the commited entrepreneur, see if you recognise some of the following [&hellip...

  • So tell me. What is the plan ?

    So tell me. What is the plan ?

    Ok, here is the plan. It’s Monday morning and Ben was feeling just a little apprehensive with this first day of being officially ‘unemployed.’ Now I don’t know about but first thing in the morning tea needs to make an appearance before I’m ready to go. My colleague was no different, we chatted and I [&hellip...

  • Choose your destiny

    Feb 8, 17 • business, people, vision2 Comments
    Choose your destiny

    A friend of mine, Ben is mulling over his destiny. Being been part of his family business of UK shoe manufacture for over fifteen years, Ben is still a young man (31.) His parents are retiring from the business and Ben finds himself responsible for eight staff, a small though profitable firm and a faithful client pool … A fantastic ‘opportunity’  for any aspiring [&hellip...

  • Vision through friends

    Vision through friends

    The coffee was cold, cake a memory and with friends calling I prepared to leave the office when the mobile sprang to life … with text: ‘Just sent you an email, come back to me!’ The number was familiar although ‘nothing current.’ Being curious, I did of course proceed as instructed and checked ‘mail’ anyway. Hey [&hellip...

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