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  • The resources for referral

    Dec 22, 16 • business, people, visionNo Comments
    The resources for referral

    It’s been a BIG year for Clarice, plenty of resources to hand and the business looks now to be heading in the right direction. ‘What now?’ I asked – just as the festive mince pie hit her chops … Once composure was regained Clarice informed me exactly of what I already knew. ‘More of the same [&hellip...

  • Comfort zone. It’s just not for you

    Comfort zone. It’s just not for you

    George had suggested that networking just wasn’t his style, he was adverse to ‘breaking the ice’ with those he hadn’t met before and being ‘nice’ just because … and the whole ‘first-date’ scenario left him less than warm … I pulled up a chair. “Getting out of the comfort zone is just not for me [&hellip...

  • Meerkat vs Coyote?

    Meerkat vs Coyote?

    I put the telephone down from Hans, a network chum I’d not spoken with him for a while. It was a rewarding conversation – one of those times you pick up just where you left off as if it were yesterday. A sign of real friendship don’t you think? Hans called to tell me of [&hellip...

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