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Archive for November, 2016

  • Know the vision of future business?

    Know the vision of future business?

    Bear with me now … Do you know where your business is heading and what it shall look like when you eventually ‘get there?’ “What? Of course.” I hear you say. “That’s a natural!” Comes another … I know the evangelists profess the ‘only’ way to achieve is to keep that picture of the ultimate ‘me [&hellip...

  • time for change

    time for change

    Just ask Hilary. The time was right for change. With the spotlight on choices by the people and some monumental personal decisions on both sides of ‘the pond’ this year, change was never so blindingly obvious:            “I’ve learned that people forget what you said,                 [&hellip...

  • Time Tells

    Time Tells

    It was one of those clear, crisp Autumn mornings … so wife, father-in-law (George) and I took some time to walk down through the gardens to the church yard. We crossed the old ‘falling-down’ bridge and up, through the gates leading to our destination. We were here just last month. George had wanted to show us [&hellip...

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