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Archive for September, 2016

  • Routine and the glittering prize

    Sep 24, 16 • Networking Tips, people, Uncategorized, Weekly BusinessComments Off on Routine and the glittering prize
    Routine and the glittering prize

    Living by the coast I spend much of my routine spare time along the shore-line. The combination of energy by the sea, oxygen in abundance, the space, solitude (apart from the dog of course,) are a great combination for inspiration. I like to scour the shoreline for sea-washed glass. Just fragments of colour glistening amongst [&hellip...

  • Cycling and the Network

    Sep 10, 16 • Networking Tips, people, Weekly BusinessComments Off on Cycling and the Network
    Cycling and the Network

    Cycling? Sure I enjoy cycling. Is that how you spent your holiday Terry? I replied. Yep, took the kids and spent the weekend with family ‘up country,’ first time away on the bikes. Anyway, back to work now. When do the referrals start to come in then? ——————————- OK., I know the roads pretty well [&hellip...

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