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Archive for August, 2016

  • Earn that refer-ability

    Aug 24, 16 • Networking Tips, Weekly BusinessComments Off on Earn that refer-ability
    Earn that refer-ability

    So here’s the scenario… Looking forward to seeing you at conference Tim. Said I. Hey, yeah but sorry I cannot make that date now, I need to be elsewhere and I don’t want to let them down …came the reply. Let THEM down … Most of us understand that the best kind of business is [&hellip...

  • passion desire and the trust

    Aug 13, 16 • people, Weekly BusinessComments Off on passion desire and the trust
    passion desire and the trust

    You know it, passion beats desire any time. Combine desire with passion though? Now that’s special. To my mind the greatest attribute anyone an demonstrate is passion, in business or otherwise. In business the lack of passion means results are a slow burn, your credibility also. Have you ever thought why the larger organisations put [&hellip...

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