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  • Bad apple in the community?

    Jul 21, 16 • Networking Tips, people, Weekly BusinessComments Off on Bad apple in the community?
    Bad apple in the community?

    I had the great pleasure recently in establishing the foundation of a really vibrant business community. We’d been building this ‘Community’ for some time. All diverse professions getting to know each other. Developing the trust that comes with the relations that leads to business. We had our share of passing casual interest of course and [&hellip...

  • Memory hook?

    Jul 9, 16 • UncategorizedComments Off on Memory hook?
    Memory hook?

    Whether you realise it or not, you already know a lot about memory hooks. You’ve been using them consciously or unconsciously since you were small: For instance: When you were in primary school, what was your best friends nickname? Where were you when “Thriller” was being played? Who you think of whenever you hear someone [&hellip...

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