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  • Choose reliable

    May 24, 16 • business, Networking Tips, people, visionComments Off on Choose reliable
    Choose reliable

    ‘I cannot be with you this week – can we rearrange something?’ It’s little wonder some people never achieve, they’re ok when it’s a sit down for coffee or cake, but when it comes to following up in business? The trouble is, the above kind of postponement has exactly the same effect on our own [&hellip...

  • Goal. Compass due North?

    May 12, 16 • Weekly BusinessComments Off on Goal. Compass due North?
    Goal. Compass due North?

    It can be tough at the top … just ask any owner/manager. During the busy times there are simply not enough hours in the day, we’re pretty much stretched just coping, ‘making hay’ when we’re busy and when those quieter times arrive? We take the opportunity to ‘kick back’ don’t we? We embrace the ‘down [&hellip...

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