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  • Leap year – pop the question!

    Feb 29, 16 • UncategorizedComments Off on Leap year – pop the question!
    Leap year – pop the question!

    It is well documented that our business population spends a whole lot more time online than predecessors. We know this already. ‘That’s a no-brainer! Tell us something new.’ I hear you say. Many of us understand that the personal connection is vital, that’s why were driven to add/like/share and participate. Essentially though, the real business [&hellip...

  • Lessons from The Bridge

    Feb 17, 16 • peopleComments Off on Lessons from The Bridge
    Lessons from The Bridge

    Lessons. It was ‘after hours’ and (unlike me) I found myself on my way to a pre-arranged meet with friends and colleagues at London House Of Lords (!) … ‘come along’ they said, ‘it may be worthwhile simply to take a look at the place.’ As I alighted at the station and made my way, [&hellip...

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