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  • People, funny?

    Oct 21, 15 • people, UncategorizedComments Off on People, funny?
    People, funny?

    “People are funny.” I quote this phrase regularly during conversation, even to myself although it’s most often when I’m indulging with friends over a ‘sticky bun’ and a decent coffee. I find to engage with like-minded souls is always good for the morale. After all, people are just like me, they’re much like you – [&hellip...

  • Unsubscribe, go on!

    Oct 15, 15 • UncategorizedComments Off on Unsubscribe, go on!
    Unsubscribe, go on!

    “Good morning …so here’s something really special for you today.” Ever get the feeling that the whole world is on a sales pitch? As a self employed, multi-tasking ‘all things mastered’ professional of today I found myself asking (I do talk to myself) how do I really get the right ‘stuff’ – the real business, [&hellip...

  • like to be liked – it’s the ‘like’ factor!

    Oct 7, 15 • Networking TipsComments Off on like to be liked – it’s the ‘like’ factor!
    like to be liked – it’s the ‘like’ factor!

    I’ve never found myself entirely comfortable when presenting to a room full of faces. Happy, smiley or otherwise. Group presentations in my line of business are commonplace and more often than not I surprise myself by enjoying the experience. By enjoying I mean I find myself ‘in the zone’ and the message is invariably safely [&hellip...

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