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  • From lead … to referral

    Aug 26, 15 • Networking TipsComments Off on From lead … to referral
    From lead … to referral

    We’ve been there before haven’t we? You know, those situations when you say to yourself … “I should really do that now or I’ll never get it done…” My dear ‘other half ‘ reminisces daily (Sue would argue this, naturally.) What Sue had forgotten today Sue was adding it to the mental list for tomorrow. [&hellip...

  • My best friend

    Aug 16, 15 • Weekly BusinessComments Off on My best friend
    My best friend

    “I’ve had enough.” Many times I’d heard this from Alice and never really listened … now I couldn’t help but notice, as she uttered the words, the decibels were definitely a notch or two up on ‘the norm’ and I noticed also, she didn’t look particularly happy. ‘It’s too hard, they’re not listening to me, [&hellip...

  • Blame the Greeks!

    Aug 2, 15 • UncategorizedComments Off on Blame the Greeks!
    Blame the Greeks!

    The Greeks certainly know a thing or two about life. After all, our entire civilisation was founded on Greek philosophy and teaching. The following story goes back a way although not quite as far back as the early Greek philosophers (I’m not that senior) and it is thanks to the Greeks I now understand where [&hellip...

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