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  • Bonsai or Business?

    Jul 24, 15 • Networking TipsComments Off on Bonsai or Business?
    Bonsai or Business?

      I’m into Bonsai just now, it’s easier on the bones than digging the borders and I like the idea that once the initial planting is done we now ‘just’ need to give it time, some TLC over time. With the holiday season bringing more time for most there is a certain reflective period that [&hellip...

  • Weeklybiz Updates

    Jul 20, 15 • UncategorizedComments Off on Weeklybiz Updates
    Weeklybiz Updates


  • Amen

    Jul 15, 15 • Networking TipsComments Off on Amen

    People buy from people...

  • it’s the pot of gold!

    Jul 12, 15 • Weekly BusinessComments Off on it’s the pot of gold!
    it’s the pot of gold!

    What do you get reading about elite performers … about their drive, their discipline? It’s different feelings for each of us as we hear how others set out to achieve ‘best in their field’ status – learning more about themselves as they work at reaching those goals. It’s great to hear of their dedication, their [&hellip...

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