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  • Just a little ‘breathless?’

    Jan 28, 15 • Weekly BusinessComments Off on Just a little ‘breathless?’
    Just a little ‘breathless?’

    Know how you feel. I must admit, I’ve found the month of January to be challenging. It seems the whole world and it’s partner have shot ‘out of the blocks’ with both barrels blazing, proclamations of help for this, offers of this new product a new system and encouragement for participation in everything else – [&hellip...

  • The Emotional Connection

    Jan 19, 15 • Networking TipsNo Comments
    The Emotional Connection

      Darren was having trouble with his sales conversion and asked for my advice. Why me? I thought … He explained that as someone who had been ‘around the block’ (a kinder version of his opening gambit, I might add) … that my opinion mattered to him, so I might be able to help out. [&hellip...

  • Hey, go to person!

    Hey, go to person!

    So the spider tends the web, the fisherman works his net. Both are busy, setting out their wares understanding that, sooner or later they are going to find what they are looking for … Bingo! Reward for all the attentiveness and persistence required to be successful. So what is he on? I hear you ask [&hellip...

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