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  • Team, time and Biz.

    Nov 30, 14 • Networking TipsNo Comments
    Team, time and Biz.

    Like many I look forward to time supporting my favourite team at the weekend – especially when the result goes ‘our’ way. I likened the team sport and networking to a young friend named Darren the other morning when he asked, “what should my expectancy for results realistically be.” Enthusiasm is a fabulous asset, we [&hellip...

  • Get personal – and connect:)

    Get personal – and connect:)

    A little something from Chris Brogan … Phew. You’ve never heard that before…getting personal? But here’s the thing. It’s more true than ever before because Facebook and other technologies are now penalizing LAZY marketing. If you’re just lobbing crap over the fence, it’s not going to be seen. By anyone. (I love that. With all [&hellip...

  • Know the difference?

    Know the difference?

    To my mind, business is about recognising the fundamentals then creating a routine of basic processes. Talking with Ian recently (someone who has ‘in the business for a bit’) I asked him … “How they were doing with the fundamental? “I know all that stuff.” Came the reply. I “know” all that. Know. Not do… [&hellip...

  • Show passion to get lucky

    Show passion to get lucky

    I consider myself lucky. I am able to count my true friends on the fingers of both hands. Sure, I have several hundred network ‘friends,’ cyber contacts and ‘likes’ out there although while I sit here enjoying the first cup of tea of the day I’m struggling to add to that true friend count … although the toes are always optimistic 🙂 It’s a fact, that this handful of true friends is indeed my family, direct family and partners in fact. These are the people who understand me, know my ambitions well...

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