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  • Demons in the night

    Oct 30, 14 • Uncategorized, Weekly BusinessComments Off on Demons in the night
    Demons in the night

      Most of us remember, when children, there were times we were scared by that “bump in the middle of the night.” That unexpected awakening. The “Midnight Demon” seemed so real at 3:00am. He would destroy our dreams and reek havoc. I dare say that today many of us still wake up in the night [&hellip...

  • Too busy for more biz.

    Oct 21, 14 • Networking TipsNo Comments
    Too busy for more biz.

    So she said to me that really, she didn’t need to be looking for any more business and that she ‘wouldn’t be taking on any more … for a couple of months at least,’ adding she “had been fortunate enough to pick up plenty of business to … last until Christmas.”  We’re still in October. [&hellip...

  • Be that person.

    Oct 15, 14 • Weekly BusinessNo Comments
    Be that person.

    IS THE GLASS HALF FULL OR HALF EMPTY? Are you a positive influence or one of negativity? Do you sugarcoat things or get straight to the point? Much has been said about the best way of approaching business development or implementation of change that can be stressful for many. Each of us have our goals [&hellip...

  • So what’s in it for them?

    Oct 7, 14 • UncategorizedComments Off on So what’s in it for them?
    So what’s in it for them?

    The effective email marketing message needs to focus on the receiver and what’s in it for them … not what you have or what you offer – not even your product. It needs to be about what is in it for them. 7 secrets you should consider keeping in mind: The subject line serves as [&hellip...

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