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  • Let’s be careful ‘out there’

    Jul 26, 14 • Networking TipsNo Comments
    Let’s be careful ‘out there’

    I’ve always believed networking brought people together for the opportunity of growing through understanding of what our needs are, with perhaps the bonus of a referral opportunity ‘down the line.’ Working hard to gain trust with others and understanding that important relationships will ultimately see partnerships and mutual respect is something one or two may [&hellip...

  • So what’s up?

    So what’s up?

    The top 10 attributes of a successful networking forum: Location of venue Parking at venue Easy Access A warm welcome upon arrival Visible structure prevailing Supportive environment Leadership Clear plans for growth Value for money The legacy … of a desire to return So, are we ticking all the (invisible) boxes here? If not, then [&hellip...

  • Selling or solving?

    Jul 23, 14 • UncategorizedComments Off on Selling or solving?
    Selling or solving?

    Learn what people want and how you can help them … Now that I’ve spent some time learning a bit more on how to better deliver information and transfer learning, I’ve been able to help people solve some of their larger challenges. In the process of sharing with people, however, I also learned that selling [&hellip...

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