A referral network. Weekly at Alnmouth. Fortnightly at Alnwick, Amble, Berwick and Felton. Visit by calling 01665 577084


‘It’s about people connecting with people.’


“Referrals come via those with like-minded ambition.”


At The Weekly Business Northumberland, we’ve been introducing all kinds of people to the business opportunity, without the ‘selly-sell,’ since 2012. 

Our referral partners believe people make their mind up very quickly as to whether they like you, whether they trust you. There are no ‘grey’ areas to our structure. You either enjoy the experience or it’s simply not for you. So after a visit and you do find that there is a solid foundation for developing relationships – the key to any partnership – then we ask you to support your network with regular appearances.

Communication and visibility, catch-words for better business.

If you are able to make regular visits to The Weekly Business Northumberland then you become the specialist in the room, developing your sales team, sharing knowledge and cultivating the business. There’s no room for membership fees at our Forum and likewise, if you are ‘hunting’ for business you shall be found wanting.

‘We’re looking for those wishing to grow through mutual interest and business partnership.’

Please take a look through the pages of this site and if you feel ready, please get in touch. 


Foxton Hall, Alnmouth on a Tuesday morning for breakfast, 7.15 until 8.45.

Alnwick Rugby Club, every fortnight, Thursday morning.

Amble Development Trust, every second Thursday afternoon 12-2pm.

Berwick Granary, alternative Friday afternoons from midday.

Burgham Golf Club,  Felton each fortnight on a Wednesday from midday.

How Much?  

No member fees, each venue has a small hire charge which includes appropriate refreshments. Usually from £5.


We may be found on Facebook, Tweet via @weeklybusiness and LinkedIn


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